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Avaaz Expenses and Financial Information

While Avaaz is a global organization with staff and members across the world, we are currently incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)4 organization in the state of Delaware, USA. Under United States Federal law, Avaaz must conduct an annual independent audit of our finances. These audits have been conducted by Lutz and Carr, LLC (click to download their audit letter for fiscal years ending 12/31/08 & 12/31/09).

The US Internal Revenue Service requires Avaaz to declare and account for our expenditures in each of the following 3 categories: Management and General, Program (i.e. Campaigns), and Fundraising. These figures have been audited by Lutz and Carr, LLC.

Here are our expense breakdowns for fiscal years ending 5/31/07, 5/31/08, 12/31/08 and 12/31/09. (Please note that because we changed our fiscal year to coincide with the calendar year, the 12/31/08 statements reflect only 7 months: 6/1/08-12/31/08.)

Approximately 85% of funds donated to Avaaz go directly into Avaaz campaigning. The other 15% goes to important organizational needs like management, fundraising, legal advice, accounting support, and infrastructure – all of which are vital to effective campaigning. Note that these supporting services made up a higher percentage (25%) of funds spent in Avaaz’s first year of operations (year ending 5/31/07) due to the costs associated with establishing a global organization.

For complete 990 Forms that have been filed with the Internal Revenue Service, click for year ending 5/31/07, 5/31/08, 12/31/08, and 12/31/09.

great intiatives…                                                                               

US$ 3 617 516 = 177.442292 million Indian rupees


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