Maid ‘drives’ employers to death

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The Telegraph: Aug 21, 2011
Calcutta, Aug. 20: A retired widower and his unemployed son hanged themselves at their Bansdroni home, accusing their domestic help in the suicide note of “mentally torturing” them.

Police said Lina Ghosh, 55, had got a portion of their home written in her name and was demanding more. Lina, however, claimed she had received the ground floor of the two-storey house as a “gift” from Abhijit Mitra, a retired government employee in his mid-sixties.

Abhijit’s 32-year-old son Abhrajit, 32 was under psychiatric treatment.

Lina, who informed the tenants on the ground floor about the deaths around 7am, had been employed by Abhijit in 2008 to look after his ailing mother, Indrani. But Lina stayed on as a domestic help after Indrani’s death in 2009.

“We have arrested Lina. Initial investigation suggests that the woman had got the ground floor of the house registered in her name. The Mitras’ neighbours have told us that Lina was pressuring the father and son to give her more,” said an officer of Regent Park police station, under which Bansdroni falls.

Cops said they were initially puzzled about how a domestic help could drive her employers to suicide and why the Mitras had not sought police help. “But after speaking to the neighbours, we came to know that Abhrajit was undergoing psychiatric treatment. So we think Abhijit had no immediate family member to turn to for help,” an officer said.

Abhrajit, a Don Bosco student, was unemployed.

The police said Lina’s son-in-law often visited the house with his friends and threatened Abhijit to write off a larger part of the house in her name. Lina lived in one of the two bedrooms while the other was shared by the Mitras.

The police said Abhijit, whose wife died in 2001, and Abhrajit “depended” on Lina for the household chores.

“Soon after the death of Abhijit’s mother, Lina started grabbing his property. Abhijit was a soft-natured man,” said Shankar Biswas, a neighbour.

After Lina informed the tenants on the ground floor, they called the police. “There are two single beds in the room with a ceiling fan on top of each. When we entered the room, we found Abhrajit hanging from one of the fans by a towel. Abhijit’s body was lying limp on the ground,” an officer said.

“It appears that Abhijit and Abhrajit committed suicide,” said L.N. Meena, the South 24-Parganas police chief.

Abhijit’s brother-in-law Shiv Shankar Dutta, who lives in the house adjoining the Mitras, said he had “no relation” with the duo.

A charges of abetting suicide will be filed against Lina.


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