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This is only a paid and sponsored campaign by some rival company that manufactures costlier pesticides. Shame on all that are taken in by it!
The people of Kerala are being taken for a media ride again, as with the Manchium, goat farms swindles, and the false rosy publicity about the Smart City and other cities.
Disaster happened in Kasargode only because the Plantation Corporation owned by the government, kept on spraying the pesticide indiscriminately from the sky from helicopters, for decades together. Why they did so is clear; they acted at the behest of the helicopter leasers. This is/was an act of biological warfare by the State against its own citizens. PEOPLE WILL SUFFER IF IT IS MERE TALCUM POWDER THAT YOU SPRAY DOWN DAY IN DAY OUT FROM THE SKIES; NOT TO SPEAK OF PESTICIDES.
The pesticide is produced mostly by the public sector HIL and not by any private company alone. Some private interests are trying to dislodge this PSU from the field. For once, Pawar is being fair!
The media, politicians and the paid intellectuals are all acting under vicious influence. That the power to ban a pesticide is within the State government’s jurisdiction from 2006, is very pertinent; and calls the lie on the LDF.



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  1. Vijay Mallya is the Chairman of Bayer Crop Science India, major distributer of Endosulfan in India. Stop drinking guys?

  2. Really??
    Come on!! You can do better than that!
    btw tell me about your view on stockholm convention and all the other 80+ countries which banned the pesticide. Nice conspiracy theory….you forgot something though.. unlike talcum powder, this pesticide is bioaccumulative,i.e., its amount gets magnified in the human body from generation to generation, not to mention the genetic problems.
    True, the aerial spraying and pollution of the water sources are the reasons for the magnitude of the tragedy but it is also true that endosulfan IS a highly dangerous toxic material and the risks posed by it are numerous.
    As Dr. M.S. Swaminathan remarked,”It’s always better to go on the safer side, particularly when it involves the health of the people.The bottomline of the policy should be the health of the men, women, and children”
    And if there are other less toxic pesticides without such risks, they should be advocated, no matter the cost (after all what are subsidies for?), rather than hatching conspiracy theories about them.
    The lobbying as far as I can perceive has been in favour of endosulfan. For once, the media is right….because there is truth in the sufferings of all those poor people.

    • I suppose poor Keishnan Kaniyamparampil, a poor CPI guy of the old school, who was influenced into the Sprayimng game is actually responsible for the Endosulfan joke in Kerala.

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