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How to Deal With a Bully

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Too many people are bullied in school nowadays.It has to stop.Here are the ways to deal with a bully.Just follow these steps to be bully free.


  1. Never let them get to you.The more they upset you the more they will do it.
  2. Never keep it a secret always tell someone e.g family teacher friends or get someone you can trust to tell your parents if you don’t have the courage.
  3. Avoid the Bully.
  4. If they move onto someone else stop here.If they don’t read the next step.
  5. Please note only do this if nothing else has worked before getting anyone else like police or child-line involved.The next time the hurt you just turn around to them and say “That’s enough” or “Stop it!” and then just clench your fist.Make sure if you look at it from above you can see the side of your hand with the palm on it.Then bring it up nice and fast and twist it on the moment of impact to their face.The most effective punch.No matter how many times teachers say “Violence isn’t the answer”If bullying gets to circumstances like this violence is the answer.Only do this if it has been going on for weeks or months not just an argument.


  • Always tell someone.
  • If you have to use step 5 and your teachers put you in a detention or whatever just get your parents into school and make sure they know.
  • You are always stronger than them.
  • Step 5 will shock them more than anything.


  • Don’t punch them too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

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